Guys sometimes you will get amazed to see the outstanding performance. This will seem to you the most outstanding performance in the world. At the time of old age guys normally become weaker but here the fact is totally different. In the footage you guys if you take a look you will see that these 80 years old guys are showing amazing dance performance that is really a matter of wonder. These guys have no prior dance experience. Nevertheless they are trying in such a way that is absolutely mind blowing. In addition,one may think this is easier to perform seemingly but you will need to have strength to do this. They are doing to such dance perforce that they would end up making it in the Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest dance group. Moreover,you guys will have not seen such dance before. This is really extraordinary performance that will not come your subconscious mind. However,guys think you all will enjoy such performance very much. This will give you all a great moment. Guys if you like this please share this footage on your Facebook,twitter & among your friends,families.