Dance is always an art. People have too much ecstasy watching amazing dance performance. This is absolutely a good source of entertainment. You will have a great refreshment enjoying this dance performance. If you just take a look in the footage you will amaze at seeing such dance performance. Dance is an integral part of the live and recorded performing arts and cultural industries. It is often collaborative and provides creative and work opportunities for artists working in a range of other art forms including music, design, film, sculpture, theater. In addition, dancers and choreographers frequently contribute to other art forms. We all like to look up to the good dancers. I support this,it is great to have role models. make new discoveries about dancing . This is a crucial part of developing your unique perspective and voice. Don’t be a dance robot. Most dancers focus on what comes easy. This is good for your ego in the short term, but so so for your dancing. Look for and practice moves and concepts that challenge you. It gives you the most bang for you buck. Anyway,guys think you all will like this footage.please share this among your friends,families as well as on your Facebook,twitter.