One of the oldest types of art, woodcarving is an art form common to all cultures,not least because of its widespread availability, plasticity and low cost. Its only real drawback as a medium for sculpture is its perishability. Anyway,guys if you take a look in the footage you will watch the skill of this guy taking chainsaw carved this extremely detailed wooden sculpture with great precision and accuracy as well as made two horned animals fighting.this is absolutely amazing as well as appreciating too. In addition,original wood carving, signed by the artist, is a joy and privilege to own. You know that it is a true one of a kind. Moreover, this is true even though the artist may have made other pieces in the same theme or style. You know that you will never see another one just like yours. You also know that, as an original, this piece was hand made from start to finish. The artist took the time to add every detail, make every stroke personally, and perform each step in the creation process. There is not, and never will be an exact copy of your woodcarving. Guys think you will like this footage. Please share this footage among your friends,families as well as on your Facebook,twitter.