A sea of white uniforms work in unison to †inspire and entertain while moving with the precision of a well oiled machine. The group moves fluidly and cohesively throughout their routine, every step perfectly timed, all feet hitting the ground and lifting again at precisely the same moment. Guys if you take a look in the footage you will see that the disciplined soldiers to perfect this fascinating act. It is absolutely impressive from start to finish,and really worth watching in its entirety. In addition,looking across the formation reveals essentially no differences between the dozens of individuals on the field. Each is focused on one common goal putting on an impeccable exhibition of skill and determination for those gathered in the stands. Moreover,at a quick glance the performers look as though they could be a marching band or some other group providing half time entertainment at a sporting event. However,something sets this group apart. As one moves closer to the field, he or she will not notice looks of excitement beaming off the performers’ faces as each movement goes off without a hitch. Anyway,think you all will enjoy this footage. Please share this footage on your Facebook,twitter as well as among your friends,families.