Shemika Jones is best known as \’The Limbo Queen\’, and with good reason. She holds Guinness World record for the lowest limbo in the world and for the farthest distance to limbo under 12-inches. She reached even more viral fame when she broke another record, becoming the first person to limbo under a car.
22-year-old Shemika first landed a spot in the Guinness World Records book back in 2010 when she limboed down to an unbelievable eight and a half inches that is the height of a beer bottle, but this latest achievement is on another level. Now, the world is going crazy again in response to girl\’s latest video: she limbos under a car, while holding two trays of full cups of water. And she does not spill a drop.

The limbo queen has been bending over professionally since the age of 14, when her uncle decided she had the natural ability to achieve greatness. In order to limbo underneath a car, Charles has to practice six hours a day. She also meets with a chiropractor once a week to make sure everything is aligned properly. Charles made it look easy as she casually leaned back, in one appeared to be a car showroom, and shuffled underneath, emerging from the other side in a matter of seconds.

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