Someone will have you pick a card, shuffle through the deck, do something totally strange with it and then somehow determine which card was yours that is basic magic and heck. You can catch the trick of the magician, can\’t you? Or you don’t know how they do it the majority of the time. But this  professional magician showed off his card-throwing skills by performing a series of difficult trick shots.
Magician Rick Smith Jr. recently joined the trick-shot artists from YouTube channel Dude Perfect to perform several playing card-based trick shots. Smith forcefully tossed playing cards to slice a variety of food items, such as a banana, a carrot, a stick of celery and an olive.

In the clip, Smith pops balloons, makes a three-point shot and turns out the lights, all by throwing cards. He even traces the outline of one of the Dude Perfect guys, using cards. Smith performs a few magic tricks for Dude Perfect, which sends them into fits of laughter. Smith showed off his precision by cutting off the wick of a lit candle to extinguish its flame and tossing cards into a Styrofoam board along the outline of a man\’s body. For his finale, Smith launched a card at a light bulb with enough force to cause it to burst in to pieces.

He also managed to use the cards to pop balloons from various distances, including a trick he named the \"upper decker party popper,\" in which threw a card at a balloon on a deck from the floor below and caused it to release confetti upon popping. The Cleveland native teamed up with YouTube stars Dude Perfect for a video of amazing shots. In 12 hours, the clips had nearly 8 million views.

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