People have won tittles in diverse fields of life that have shocked many people across the world, but you might want to watch this man who turned his body parts into chopping table for cucumbers to be chopped on. we know cutting up your fruits and vegetables on a board is a sufficient method of practice, but professional daredevil performer, Brad Byers, 58, from Pullman, Washington, prefers to use his body.

This crazy entertainer chops cucumbers on his forearm, neck, crotch and back of his head in a toe-curling stunt – claiming to be ‘the human chopping board’. Placing a cucumber on his forearm and brandishing a large machete in his other hand, he doesn’t hesitate to swing the blade towards his merciless limb, slicing the vegetable into three slices without causing a single scratch.

He apparently practiced on a chopping block, quickly becoming so adept that he was able to move up to forearm slicing. On Byers’ own YouTube channel, he says his plan is “to begin with this bit to show the machetes are sharp and then climb the ladder of machetes barefoot!\" If you are inspired by this, don\’t try this at home that can bring the end of your life.

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