A martial art is one of the methods of fighting, often without weapons, that come from the Far East, for example kung fu, karate, or judo.  Martial arts and self-defense that is essential for one practitioner to use his arms and legs. But what what will you say for this man, it appears it isn’t completely necessary.
Here in this video, you can see a man is showing his arts of defense or martial who born with disability involving the incomplete development of his limbs is seen wearing a black belt and performing in front of an audience.

The man is moving with his art that a complete man does on the stage, but it is embedded in his body. While it’s highly doubtful he can take down a more able-bodied opponent with his condition, it’s still quite remarkable he has earned a black belt in karate, which he may have achieved by mastering the different katas in his discipline. But the participants there could understand his art when he jumped and moved on the floor.

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