Modern styles of self-defense and competitive fighting owe a large debt of gratitude to the various Japanese martial arts styles. Except for the Chinese martial arts, known collectively as Kung Fu, it is the highly formalized forms of Japanese martial arts that dominate action movies and neighborhood gymnasiums. It is not only defensive aspect but also it can make you astonished by its art.

Here in this video, you can see jaw dropping art of two Japanese girls who make the judges stunned. The video came from the 2014 1st China National Wushu Games and it looks extreme. I wonder what other competitors did to impress the judges.

They walks on the stage calmly towards the center, woman in red holds a weapon. Woman in red signals their start as she holds out her weapon to woman in yellow and shouted. the red dressed woman is seen immediately trying to hit the woman in yellow while she escapes. There should be nothing to worry about since they practiced and they’re experts, but still, trying to hit the other in face, with a sharp weapon is a bit too much.

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