Shemika Charles amazed herself and onlookers when she completed the feat bent over backwards to get underneath the SUV earlier this week. Both her mother and her grandmother were limbo dancers, carrying on the traditionally Trinidadian form of dance.
But another performance also amazed when she managed to complete the feat bent over backwards to get underneath the height of small bottle. Shemika is keeping up the family legacy, taking limbo to a whole new low. She has set three Guinness World Records, including the record for lowest limbo at only 8.5 inches. The supple 22-year-old entered the record books by passing incredible eight and a half inches – the height of a beer bottle.

Here in this video you can see her unique limbo performance that is really astonishing. This video goes viral overnight after this. Now, she’s traveling the world, spreading the culture of her native Trinidad and Tobago with appearances on “America’s Got Talent,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Late Late Show.”

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