The next time you accidentally drop food in a public toilet, don’t despair and dispose of it - instead, invite employees of the Tenfu Group over for an in-situ snack. We know China isn’t exactly known for its hygiene, let alone the cleanliness of its toilets, but this company decided to change that perception with a rather questionable method.

The video is captured in Zhengzhou City in southern Fujian Province, shows the woman who is a supervisor staff at Tenfu Group, a China-based company that specialises in tea products pouring a box of rice balls into a urinal and tossing them around with her bare hands, then picking one up and putting into her mouth. And as if that wasn’t odd enough, the entire department had a dining table set up inside the toilet and enjoyed a large meal. The bizarre practice in Zhangpu county is part of a training programme provided to the company’s supervisors, according to a manager.

They actually want to show that the bathroom has achieved the highest standards of sanitation. Apparently, it is a tradition for employees to get cosy over a meal in the toilet after cleaning. The manager explained that the unique presentation is a part of a training program for supervisors. “We ask our supervisor staff to clean the toilets as part of a training programme,” the manager said, noting that they have been doing the practice for 25 years.

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