Nothing could be more relaxing than a deep muscle massage. But what if that massage was being dished out by four deadly giant Burmese pythons? A zoo in the Philippines is offering tourists a ’relaxation’ session with a sneaky twist. This is really a unique experience for the visitors who come to visiting the Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines are queuing up for and it is free for anyone who’s brave enough to try it.

Footage shows the cold blooded snake slither over a woman’s body, making for a cool, refreshing massage due to their hefty weight and low body temperature. Those brave enough to try out the apparently soothing experience will have a 110lb (50kg) albino Burmese Python massage them.

The caretaker of the snakes of the zoo informed some facts of the snakes. Burmese Pythons are very friendly, but they can sense if you are tense and that makes them uneasy. They are of course known for constricting their prey, but as long as they are not coiled around you they are very friendly. This is why we have people lay on their back, allowing the snakes to slither back and forth over the stomach or back of the person.

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