A healthy and flawless skin is a reflection and indication of a person’s health. It is in the many people desire to have a flawless, fair and health skin. If you learn how to care for your skin properly it will help your skin stay light, tight and beauty for a long time. Your skin can get dark and dull just because of overexposure to the sunlight; because of environmental pollution, stress, poor lifestyle choices as well. Also your health condition and prolonged usage of chemical-based cosmetic products have a negative effect on your skin.
In shops you can buy plenty of special skin-lightening and whitening creams or lotions. However such specific chemical products have a harmful effect that can even damage your skin, besides that they are often very expensive. Fortunately you can save some money and time by using natural remedies that will bright your skin in a natural and harmless way.

You can apply this effective 5 tricks that will help you to get glowing and flawless skin tone. Check these 5 tricks. 

Trick No- 1.
Add 4-5 spoon lemon juice in half bucket water and wash your body with this water after sunset

Trick No- 2.
In a bowl add 1 spoon sugar. Add lemon juice and use this as natural body scrub.

Trick No- 3.
In a bowl add 2 spoon coconut oil, add 1 spoon lemon juice. Apply this all over your body before going to bed.

Trick No- 4.
In spray bottle take mineral water. Add 3 spoon rose water and 3 spoon of lemon juice. After bath use this as natural toner for whole body.

Trick No- 5.
Add lime juice in your facial moisturizer. apply it before going to bed.

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