We have all experienced this annoying feelings. That uncomfortable, puffy feeling you get after indulging a little more than you wanted to. Swollen abdomen, even a pronounced one is really annoying. The main cause is the accumulation of air and gas in the stomach and intestines, caused in turn by poor eating habits.
Sometimes after returning from a gathering or special occasion, you don’t regret munching on everything in eyesight until later on, when gassiness and bloating creep up and get the best of you. You can’t entirely blame overeating for that tremendous feeling of fullness. Anxiety, water retention, and indigestion also serve as culprits.

With the right tips and tricks under your belt, you can slim down and feel lighter within hours and flaunt a flatter belly by the end of the day. This foolproof tip and trick will help you de-bloat fast.

You can select the pressure point just following the tips.

1. The first pressure point to massage is located four fingers above the navel.
2. The second pressure point is located two fingers above the navel.
3. The third pressure point is located below the navel. To find this pressure point, place four fingers below and press down immediately after placing the last finger.

You will get the best instructions and clear ideas after watching this video below.

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