You may know about different type of fish traps that are used for fishing. Fish traps can be made using different things that are varieties and they are seen in rural areas. Fishing nets are also called fish traps that are common for fishing. Traps are culturally almost universal and seem to have been independently invented many times.
In Cambodia, there is a popular fish trap that are widely used in this country. The main fact of this trap is deep hole that is all it takes to catch enough fish for a nice meal.if you apply this method for catching fish, apply this trick, here’s how it works. Generally industrious man or woman goes out in a boat with their nets and rod and probably bring home something nice.

Here in this video, this lady catches lot of fishes using this trap and shows us how all you really need to catch a fish dinner is a deep hole. But that is after spending all day in the hot sun, baiting hooks, tossing those nets, and expending energy on a few fish that could probably be used wisely in another endeavor!It takes a little time and patience but it is worth the effort! She and the idea behind this fishing hole are quite amazing.

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