It would not be the World Cup without Adidas designing a new soccer ball that the players can complain about. Youtuber Father Dan and his son Lincoln Markham used a knife to cut open the official FIFA World Cup game balls from 1930, 1970, and the Adidas Telstar ball from 2018 to see what’s inside.

Here in this video, you can see these two very keen cuts the ball open with a sharp knife. Adidas had to go back to a time when TV transmissions were mostly in black and white, soccer balls were made from heavy, unforgiving leather and chips were something you put in cookies, not sports equipment.

You know the first time a World Cup game was played with an Adidas ball was 1970. The black and white pentagon panels of that product, the Telstar Elust, became synonymous with the sport. The ball was not so much developed that is available at this moment.

Thus far one, possibly two of the Telstar 18s have burst during match play, during the France-Australia game. It remains to be seen whether this is an anomaly, or will turn into a consistent disaster on the level of the Jabulani. It is nothing but the curiosity of this son and father and the viewers are also the same.

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