Getting ready for a trip can feel like a game of Tetris, in which you’re figuring out how to fit everything while frantically planning for each possible scenario.  When traveling, people become fearful of going into the unknown and use clothes as a security blanket. Should your holiday plans include actually being clothed, then you can follow some of these steps of the genius guy.

Before filling your suitcase with clothes, check what the weather’s going to be like at your destination of choice for the time of year that you’re heading over there, as this will give you a general idea about the clothes you should be packing. Your clothes should be selected according to the weather of the region where you are going. But you cannot take less with you for a long trip.

If you are in problem of packing your clothes in a small suitcase, you should definitely watch this video. This is the best tutorial on luggage packing I have ever seen. Surely this guy is a genius for packing suitcase. You can call him in to pack your suitcase. 

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