Most of us cherish the value of hospitality, but when it comes to a mouse (or rather mice) in the house we do well to draw the line. Sometimes it takes a while to realize that your home has been invaded but soon the telltale signs become impossible to ignore: the gnawed off corners of cereal boxes and other food containers, the little droppings, the tiny scratching and squeaking sounds. Finally you have to take action to remove these pesky animals.

There are many traditional traps that do not work well, giving them the freedom to procreate while feasting on our own food. But this highly effective mouse trap really works that may come to an end as rats walk the plank, pirate-style.

YouTuber Shawn Woods has shown his amazing creation that has a short plank. When the pesky rodents would walk on the plank, they will get caught in the tub. It will happen when the temptation of eating delicious peanut butter run them on the plank. This falling down into the bucket of water to their death is like a double-crossing pirate who committed mutiny.

You can also make it at home easily just using some simple tools that you can get from your old store house. Just follow the instructions of the video or apply your creativity.

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