If you have dropped something in the pool and can’t spot it from above the water, this super simple trick can help. You know how you can pull a cup underwater, open end down and it stays filled with air. That’s kind of how this trick from youtuber MicBergsma works.

This genius guy shows you what he does "when I don’t have goggles with me to see something under the water:" He demonstrates how to make a handy pair of bubble goggles by cupping your two hands around your eyes and lowering your head into water. His clever technique allows you to trap air in small pockets around your eyes and see clearly underwater.

If you want to do this, first use your hands to make cups around your eyes and slowly lower your face in. Now you’ve got yourself a pair of free “air goggles.” Take a look around and look for your keys, your kid’s toy, or whatever you may have dropped in there by accident. If you didn’t manage to cup enough air as you lowered your face into the water, you can let out some air bubbles from your nose to refill your all-natural goggles. When you’re done, close your eyes, pull out your hands, and back out of the water.

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