It is so funny to look at that a baby is having spaghetti during hes falling asleep. Though the baby can not control itself from falling asleep it continues to eating the food which is in front of the baby and along with that she is missing her mouth most of the time. The activities of a baby is basically eye catching and it makes everybody feel so happy and ecstatic. Generally a baby is prone to doing any undesired work and any work may come to pass by a baby . Here we can see a bizarre work is committed by the baby. In sleeping mood nobody can do anything because in this state a man remain under a infatuation as well as being this state he can not anything which is relevant and what is performed under this state is not reasonable. thus here we are able to see that a baby brings about an astonishing task that really overwhelmed us . this kind of activity is so rare to get and though we fortunately came across that it we never imagined that we have to meet this kind of queer thing ever. Infantile procedures are so amazing and laughable. there is nobody but laugh while seeing puerile activities. If you like this then you can share this video