Tensions are high now that word has gotten out that Goatman, the hero we do not need but probably deserve has been spotted alive and as menacing as ever. There are several variations on Goatman’s origins. He may be a supernatural beast, like Big Foot. Or as some allege the work of the devil himself! The strangest but most popular theory is that he was the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong. In addition,the Goatman legend varies from state to state but one thing is always constant: his strange, grotesque demeanor. He has described as a goat humanoid hybrid, with matted, greasy fur on a human like torso and an oddly shaped, furry face featuring huge horns and pointed ears. He walks on two legs except they are cloven hooves. He does not speak but his roar is described as a scream only the devil himself could make. There are persisting theories that the modern day Goatman could be a derivative of ancient mythological creatures like the Greek Satyr, which was a creature not to be messed with who sported many of the same goat like features. Anyway,guys think you will like this footage. Share this footage among your friends,families as well as on your Facebook,twitter.