This compilation is a try not to laugh challenge! I am sure you will laugh pretty hard! Here are only the best videos of funny cats,dogs, kittens and puppies, donkey. Best funny animals compilation all time & try not to laugh, smile, or grin while watching this funniest video ever. All of us want to have fun. But what does this mean, exactly? For some people,for example, fun is about getting wasted by taking drugs, drinking alcohol, having regular sex all night rather than Down Sex or maybe just staying up very late at night. However,this is not fun because it destroys the body and the next day you feel worse often much worse. In addition,this is very difficult when you are young and you want to succeed and be happy. It is so important to know that life can get crazy, so be prepared for it by not getting too involved with life or too serious about anyone or anything. Getting too serious really kills fun. Moreover,in other words, feeling sorry for yourself, worrying about everything, or endlessly trying to figure out people’s behavior and attitudes is not that fun or productive. Now, if someone or something is definitely making you very unhappy, then try to change the situation, go home, go away, do something else to change it as best you can. Anyway,guys think you will like this footage. Please share this footage on your Facebook and twitter as well as let your friends know to these funny aspects!