Both the baby and the horse are unable to respond to the necessity of the nature because they both totally devoid of that sense. Moreover animals beings are in general emphatic of the kind. Though they are not rational being in-spite of being that can sense many things by the power which is given by the craftsman. The mom places her baby girl in her car seat right in front of her horse’s stall so the horse can watch her at all times. But when Mom leaves, the baby girl immediately starts crying.Instead of panicking, the horse does what any good mom would do.She reaches down toward the baby girl and nudges her car seat with her huge nose.She does this extremely gently, as if she knows that this is a baby who can’t handle any rough movements and she doesn’t want to hurt her.But even with the gentleness, the baby keeps whimpering. So the horse keeps on pushing her.And as she does, the baby gets this confused look on her face, and seemed that it is not her mom. But after a few more pushes, the baby quiets down completely. The horse keep continually giving huge nudges and she does it when the baby sitter stop swinging. thus , guys if like this footage then you can share this among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.