If you want to work out in the gym, you have to be aware of your pant. Because it can slip down any moment that is a matter of prestige. You sometimes it’s good to get a workout with a fully trained-up and qualified personal trainer, isn’t it? But this instructor will make you astonished because of his hilarious prank. 
The first moment of the video that will make your eye large and laugh will start to peep in your mind. The man who is an instructor walks on the floor of the gym where the trainee was a strong muscled woman. For these unfortunate prank victims, this came in the form of a nerdy gym instructor with a huge-ass package who tried training her in one of the most awkward gym sessions that you will ever see.

It was a great problem for the lady trainee because his large private part was getting rubbed on her face. The prankster managed to fart, spot and teach them new workout ‘routines’ while almost shoving his crotch into their faces. Surprisingly, nobody tried to beat the crap out of him.
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