What could be more fun than watching the destruction of a wrecking ball used on a bunch of cars? In the video below, a group of guys enlist the help of a massive 4-ton wrecking ball in order to smash different types of vehicles. From a small two door car, to a massive RV, the guys capture some awesome slow motion footage of absolute carnage.
The video is sponsored by Amazon to promote their TV series The Grand Tour, starring the guys who used to be on Top Gear. Gav and Dan start out small, smashing a brick wall, but quickly move on to vehicles. There are many ways to smash a car with a wrecking ball and they have to try them all out. The first victim is what appears to be an old Buick Park Avenue sedan, which is almost completely demolished after the wrecking ball hit.

A Honda Element is next and there’s a catch as you are probably aware, it has no door pillar. Interestingly, it suffers relatively less damage to the body structure and, due to its higher height and stronger roof, it just flips over.

BMW fans will not be happy to see the third victim – a nice-looking 3 Series E46 facelift convertible. The guys lift up the four-ton wrecking ball and simply release it over the windshield of the cabrio with a speed of 60 miles per hour.

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