A perfect ping pong player can use anything as paddle to play ping. You may be astonished but this genius actually be able to play pretty competitively using a frying pan. He also used some other kitchen utensils to play ping pong and hit accurately to its target.
This perfect player is actually a comedy genius and also a very talented table tennis player. You can see the man uses different things to control the balls to hit his target. You don’t need to understand what he’s saying to have a giggle.

Takkyuu geinin, which translates to table tennis ninja, is one of the best YouTube channels on the internet and in his latest video, a Japanese trick shot artist replaces his paddles with just about anything else he could find lying around to knock over a pin in the corner of the table. It is not clear that his every shots was successful.

He also uses a number of musical instruments and other objects, such as a tambourine, a spoon, a bell, and a glass full of wine. These trick shots are really amazing and at the same time you will be entertained. If you haven’t seen it already, ping pong carnival is the best video you’ll see all week.

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