A group of guys arrange a stunt for the girls named "Simple Pickup". They asked girls to ride the Sybian to help bring awareness and money to the prevention of female circumcision. The men were filmed walking around Venice Beach, asking women questions like, “Do you like your clitoris?” in order to encourage women to participate in their fundraising efforts.
Some girls agree to do this for the raising money for the charity and they also feels thrills. In this uproarious and provocative video, you can see the hilarious reactions of the girls. In a manner akin to a mechanical bull in a roadhouse bar, they attempt to remain on the vibrating sex toy for as long as they can.

The girls sit on the quivering device and $5 goes toward the fight again female genital mutilation that is a barbaric practice still common in many parts of the world. When the girls sit on the device, one of them start picking up the speed of the vibrator that the girls did is totally hilarious.

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