We are living in the age of science that is clear to all but there are some concepts that are mostly disgusting and does not go in this modern era. You will never want to drink animals’ pee in spite of having the healing power of cancer.  But the incident of the video will astonished you. If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to watch this. It’s just nasty.
Here in this video, you can see a blonde woman standing in a park and holding her dog in a leash  talks about how a lot of people asked her how she always looks so good, how her make up always looks so perfect or how she always have a natural glow. She also takes out a cup before saying, “here’s my secret”.

You can see her dog started peeing and she placed the cup to collect the liquid. She shows the cup full of yellow liquid, then finishes it all in one drink.  She also assured her viewers, before she started drinking dog pee she was depressed, sad and had really bad acne. She says dog pee has vitamin A, E and Calcium.

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