Human being is the best creation of God and this human being is also bizarre. Some people will make you astonished for their strange intelligence. This is the moment a police officer stops a motorist with 16-foot plastic pipes on either side of his old Volkswagen because he wanted to save money renting a lorry.
The hilarious CCTV footage shows a fearless driver delivering nine sewer pipes by his car as he dangerously drove on busy streets in east China. The driver named Wang (surname), believed the police had gone home in the evening and drove to a construction site but was caught by on-duty policemen on the way. The man later explained that he thought "all the cops had gone home for dinner", and that he would be able to get away with the stunt.

Feng Xian, a policeman in Taicang City in East China’s Jiangsu Province, said: "We first spotted the vehicle carrying large plastic pipes while monitoring traffic camera footage." "We stopped the suspect in the afternoon," he added. The officers were stunned to see no fewer than nine PVC pipes attached to the left and right of the vehicle, which they described as looking like a "tank". Despite the driver’s insistence that he was "driving slowly and carefully" and that there would be "absolutely no problem", officers still asked him to get out of his car.

Mr Wang was told his illegally modified car had posed danger to the public’s safety as the pipes hindered the driver’s view. Mr Wang was given a fine for violating traffic regulations including illegally modifying his car and posing danger to the public.

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