You know when you do something stupid and realize your life sucks. A monkey hit back at a mischievous Chinese tourist who pushed it into a pond at a temple in southeast China on Monday. An unruly tourist has been punished by instant karma after trying to push a monkey into a pond. Monkey is such an animal that is naughty but dangerous that this man realized well.
The monkey was perched on a railing next to the pond at Xitian Temple, in Dehua county, Fujian province, when the tourist shoved the unsuspecting animal into the water, according to footage posted on news website Pear Video. In the footage - filmed by another visitor - the monkey leaps straight back out and goes for their tormentor and as the man runs away, the animal gives chase and was soon joined by a second monkey.

The video shows him running into the temple where he believed the monkey would not give chase but it does. A temple employee said: "There were other people inside, and they helped drive the monkeys away." The man later shared a snap of his face and it does look quite bad, to be fair. But maybe this will serve as a lesson to him. What were you thinking, mate? This attack on a wannabe prankster comes just days after a zoo in China reportedly lost a female kangaroo after visitors threw rocks at her to ’try and make them jump’.

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