Most people have a specific morning routine, whether it involves exercising, applying an extensive array of beauty products, or sipping coffee and having an existential crisis while staring out the window until suddenly you\’re late for work. Surely, you\’ve sometimes looked at the side glass of an unknown car in order to correct your appearance. Do you imagine what an awkward moment would be if you were looking at the reflection of a car, and then find out that the car is not empty?
That\’s exactly what happened to a pretty girl in a video clip that quickly circled the world. She first took care of her beauty, but then soon realized that there is someone sitting in the car. A Vietnamese woman readjusted her shirt as well as her bra and picked her nose before the car\’s window slid down to reveal someone had watched and filmed her the whole time.

In the footage she can be seen unashamedly adjusted her bra in the car\’s reflection, the woman goes to the full-extent to fix her shirt. She puts her hands down the front of her top, cups her breasts and appeared to be impressed with her assets.

To our luck, the driver took the entire occasion to the camera. The reaction of the girl, knowing that there is also a driver in a car, is something that you simply need to see! She is then caught embarrassingly running off after the driver rolls down the window.

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