We all know that monkey is the symbol of naughtiness and people love to make fun with them when they get chance. Monkeys sometimes do something that are really hilarious. A mother and child send air kisses to a big size zoo chimpanzee for getting something funny return but they received a smelly surprise instead.
Here in this video, you can see the family was visiting the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas.  The mother sends kisses through the glass hoping the chimp would reciprocate, the animal surprised them by defecating and placing its feces before them.  It is not clear that what was the chimpanzee’s gesture. The video sees the mom hold her young daughter’s hand saying: ‘Say hi to the monkey!’

When she encourages her daughter to kiss towards the glass, the chimp, though facing the mother, doesn’t make eye contact and he reaches behind and brings out its poo, revealing that it just defecated. The ape drops it in front of them. A girl behind the camera yells: ‘Mom it’s taking poop out of its butt!’ The mother then shrieks as her daughter zooms in on the turd. It is not clear what was the motive of the monkey but it is clear that the ape was really naughty.

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