Most of the babies of the animals are cute cute and adorable. The baby of the elephant is among them. You will be amazed and feel adore after watching the footage of this baby elephant.  The baby elephant don’t want to let go of a tourist after she became acquainted with him before taking an elephant ride with his mother. The adorable footage was taken in the northern jungle of Thailand in early March and shows American tourist Jane Hight McMurry cuddling a baby elephant as they both lie together on the ground.
A professional speaker and author named McMurry traveled to Phetchabun in the northern province for a day long adventure and to ride bareback on an elephant. Here in this video, you can see the baby elephant is resting his head in McMurry’s lap as she pets him. At one point the lady tries to move away but the elephant, seemingly not finished with the attention, wraps his trunk around her leg.

The cute baby elephant then playfully bites her foot and holds it in his mouth as she tumbles backwards trying to get away. After a while the baby elephant climbs on top of her and wraps his tusk around her neck as she asks her group, who struggle to contain their giggles. It is not clear what was the weight of the calf and it seems the lady was feeling a little bit weight. The moment is really adorable. 

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