You may see duck or goose or seagull is standing on one leg and at the same time you may think it has only one leg. The other leg has missed for any reason. But most of the time it can be wrong. Just wait and see when it moves. During cold weather they tuck one foot deep within the feathers, keeping it snug and warm and change feet regularly to distribute the heat. A girl spent half an hour crying in her car when she spotted a one-legged goose and recorded the whole thing.
The name of this girl is Tori J Hanlin from Kansas City, Missouri who saw this incident after rain. The video shows a goose, who apparently only has one leg walking in an empty parking lot. Adorably tears can be seen running down her cheeks as she explains how heart-broken she is over the situation of the poor goose.

“I was just being a crybaby that day and I’ve never seen a goose with one leg”, Tori explains in a post. Her crying continued until she realizes the goose is perfectly fine and only hid one of its legs in its stomach. In a total act of betrayal, the girl rants about the goose having its two legs the whole time and declares she never wants to see a goose in her life ever again.

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