Windsurfing is very enjoyable that only know who love to do it. A man is spotted on Komsomolsky pond in Russia who using a beach umbrella as a sail for surfing. The unnamed guy show his hilarious innovation who can be seen in the footage, taken on the onlookers phone, saluting and smiling as he ‘brolly surfs’ along the water through strong winds in the south-western Stavropol Krai region.
One of the onlookers was traveling in his boat alongside the funnyman and recorded his unusual sailing method and he did not miss to post it online later. Here in this video you can see the surfer is struggling to hold the brolly in his hands due to the very powerful wind that day.

Local authorities condemned the man ‘dangerous’ actions and stressed that such activities might be ‘risky for people’s lives.’ Actually it was not harmful for others.  The cameraman said: ‘This looks really cool.’ Stavropol where the brolly surfing took place has a ‘Central Park’, one of the biggest city parks in Russia, covering up to 12 hectares.

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