Your jaw will drop when you will see a man is controlling a group of lions just taking a slipper.  The hair rising and highly amusing video shows, Oleg Zubkov breaks up a scrap between the pride of lions at a park in Ukraine.

This happened at Tagan safari park that was captured on camera of a onlookers. The video shows the big cats are seen picking on one of the group’s smaller females. Oleg notices the dominant male approaching the scrap and decides to intervene. The Safari park owner Oleg Zubkov strides towards the pride to break up the scrap

The daredevil was unconcerned for his own safety.  Standing right in the middle of the crowd of deadly beasts, he takes his slipper off and waves it around in the air. The females back off before he launches the shoe at the powerful-looking male. The man stops the dominant male from attacking one of the smaller just using just a slipper at his park in the Crimea in Ukraine

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