Dogs love to bark for numerous reasons. They bark to let you know someone is outside or at the door. They bark to let you know how the feel, whether they’re happy or not feeling well. Heck, sometimes it seems they don’t need a reason at all. After all, barking is one of the main ways they communicate with us and each other. But this dog has shown his amazing ability of singing that cannot do most of the pop singers.

The name of this French Bulldog is Walter who loves talking back, but when his owner was talking with a friend outside a parking lot, the pup wanted to but in. It seems the dog has practiced for long to make his vocal perfect. Apparently, nothing the owner was going to say would stop him from throwing a fit.

Here in this video you can see the pup apparently singing a classical Opera performance, which he nails by the way. Every time, the owner tries to keep the dog silence, he begins to sing again in a much higher tune. His little face really expresses the real performance like pop singer! You may think it is not possible that a dog is capable of making this kind of sound because it’s eerily and hilariously — human!

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