Cat is most adorable species among the animal kingdom. They always love to sleep on soft bed and can sleep under your blanket silently. They always like comfortable place. Sometimes it can also give you pleasure. This hilarious video shows interesting reaction of a cat.

The cat was left completely stunned during a visit to the vet when it clapped eyes on a snake for the first time. In the video, TJ the cat is seen looking utterly bewildered as it sees a snake on a bench at the center in Nova Scotia, eastern Canada.

The amusing clip was captured by the owner of the the pet. The cute cat falls in utter confusion as it sets eyes on the snake, presumably a pet brought in by its owner for a check up. You can see the feline slowly lifts up on its hind paws as its gazes with mixture of interest and horror at the animal. Hissing gently, the mottled, amber coloured snake stays still on the box on the bench. A female voice is heard to say to the cat: ‘Don’t move!’

The owner of the cat, Lindsay McKenzie was left bemused by her cat’s behavior. This is really mind blowing reaction of the cat. Don\’t forget to share this video with your friends and on Facebook.