Most of the people feel sleepy when they travel by bus or any other public or private transport. But some of them can make us laughter after falling asleep on the seat of the transport. A poor sleepy kid wasn’t expecting this kind of outcome by falling asleep on the bus. That was full-on passed out.

Here in this video you can see, a young man in blue shirt sleeping heavily on a bus. At one moment his head starts hanging close to the seat handle. It was the last position for keeping balance of a body. It seems the man was in deep sleep. After a few seconds, the young man totally fell from his seat, onto the floor, face first. People behind the camera can be heard laughing in the background.

The incident will make us laughter but he  must have been really tired that even falling from his seat didn’t wake him up. Passenger beside him was also asleep so no one could have prevented him from falling. The another passenger who was in the bus rushes to help the young man. The video then cuts so we’re not sure what happened, but legend has it he’s still sleeping to this day.

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