Soaring flocks of birds have inspired poets, painters and novelists. Art observes but it doesn’t explain: what keeps these beautiful, fluid formations flowing? The impressive, perfectly timed flight maneuvers of bird flocks, as well as their symmetrical group formation, can be summed up in a simple model. The model determined that birds collectively switch from a flying state to a landing one, during which group action overrides the individual landing intentions of each bird. But what happened here in the house of the man.

Here in this video you can see numerous birds fly down on the swimming pool of the home. It seems these numerous birds want to take revenge to the man. But it is clear to us it is not possible for the birds.  This man experienced a real-life Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. Hundreds of migratory birds have taken advantage of the pool in a garden to make a stop.

The man filming the scene from his house tried to open the window. But the noise frightened the birds and they all flew away at the same time. Some went straight on him. it seems the bird flew down there for drinking water. Some migratory birds move together and do everything together.

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