Some people think of play as the opposite of work. They think of it with goofing off, being lazy, lack of achievement, or, at best, recreation. "Stop playing and get to work!" Yet, as many of you probably know, it is through play that we do much of our learning. We learn best when we are having fun. Play, more than any other activity, fuels healthy development of children and the continued healthy development of adults. But this creative game of some plumbers is totally the source of new energy in their work.
Here in this video you can see the plumber was caught up in an elaborate prank that saw his shorts filled with water.  Garry Hannant filmed the moment when a group of building workers and tradesmen on site in Coventry, West Mids, try and land a cap in a pipe perched in the front of their trousers.

It is really funny moment that they sometimes do in the midst of their work while they take rest. Eager to join in, apprentice Luke Bonser grabbed the tube and leant his head back ready to place the cap on his forehead. Before he can even try and flick the cap downwards, another of the staff quickly pours water down the pipe, soaking the front of Luke’s shorts, leaving the whole group in hysterics.

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