There are many people who can show unique performance using different things that may not be magic. But some performance will make you stunned that this two guy has shown. They are more than trick shots. Normally, we see amazing things being done in a sport, but not two sports and certainly not in a dueling, horse-style trick shot contest.
Here in this video, you can see two guys have shown their amazing skill of trick-shots using a ping pong ball and a football. They blow out burning candle just shooting the both balls. This precisely happened in Finland where professional soccer player Lassi Hurskainen teamed up with the ping pong trick shot team Pongfinity to put on this amazing display of shooting.

The professional ping pong and soccer players bring their respective sports to a trick shot battle challenge, blowing out candles, slipping through car windows and take the cap off a bottle. You must say how it is possible. After watching the video, most of the people will try this but it is not possible after few attempts.

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