We live in an age of great technological advances. You can play video games against someone on the other side of the world. You can go grocery shopping online without even putting on pants. Advances are moving so fast, it’s understandable if some people have a hard time catching up. But one piece of technology that everyone should be familiar with is escalators that you use moderately. But this man use this alternative way to ride on escalators.

This Swiss skier is utilizing his muscles for something somewhat odd. Fabian Bösch may very well have the most grounded hold in mankind’s history after he was discovered following along on a lift ride by getting the elevator rail with only one arm and sliding along the moving stairs the distance to the best.

Possibly we should all attempt this whenever we go to the shopping center.

Most of the people would be scared of the potential dangers associated with pulling off such a test of strength, but clearly, being in the presence of so many incredible athletes has done wonders for Bösch’s confidence. You should not try this when you use escalator.

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