We sometimes love to make fun with our dear one but some love to make brutal fun. This guy is like that who decided not to tell his wife that the fence surrounding the pair of horses was electric. the woman walks to the horses to see them from nearby but the universe had greater plans in store for her.

Here the video shows the woman walks to the horses as a nature lover. But later that happens is really embarrassing and at the same time it is funny. The husband of the woman took cell phone video of his, possibly his wife, who’s walking towards some horses in a field.  And then another guy quietly asks if they should tell her the fence is electric. The guy says no and then she promptly gets zapped.  Everyone laughs for this incident, including the woman.

Upon touching the fence, the woman screams and the horses, frightened by the sudden noise, run away. The woman turns back to her husband and says: “I’ve peed my pants!” At one point the poor woman smells her pee.

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