Tornadoes are one of the most destructive natural phenomena in the world. Meteorologists can walk viewers through basic safety and sheltering protocol, but it has been a challenge to illustrate the power of a tornado through television, until now. Before you panic, no your favorite TV channel wasn’t obliterated by a natural disaster.

The Weather Channel meteorologist and on-air personality has been on the scenes of some of the worst storms over the past several decades, storms with names like Katrina, Sandy and Irma that few will soon forget. But on the date, he faced what may have been his most personal encounter yet - this swelling tornado that shredded the Weather Channel offices around him.

The tornado was a simulation created by Immersive Mixed Reality. By using Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR), viewers were able to experience weather in ways never seen on Live TV before now. Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR) is where the technology disappears and what you see becomes reality. Hyper-realistic visuals recreate the world and control the weather in the surrounding environment. It’s an intersection of technology, science, and design and will change the way the network can display weather to audiences.

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