Toddlers are the great source of joy in the family that we know who have little kids in the family. They always keep the house full of joy. They start their journey by tasting or eating different kinds of foods. This adorable and cute baby, Evie goes on the journey of a lifetime and it is just a joy to go on it with her.

Here in this video, you can see the reaction of tasting Diet Coke first time of the kid. Evie’s father uploaded this video in Facebook after many days of its recording. Her experiencing of Diet Coke was captured when she was but a nipper.

About a child drinking soft drinks, Evie’s father has words for you that is also so much interesting. He says, “If it’s any consolation to others, we rarely go to McDonald’s. It was a treat and our children hardly ever drink soda, our oldest being six and she’s had maybe enough sodas to count on one hand.”

After the first sipping, she could not keep her eyes open because the drink was fizzy. She reacted like the tasting of sour that we generally do. It is known to us, after some days this fizzy drink will be her favorite one among the soft drinks.

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