Paper is such thing that we can tear easily. But it can stop bullet easily. You are confused, aren’t you? Reams of paper make for pretty good bullet proof material. It’s just layers and layers of protection! But what happens when it’s a 50 cal machine gun that’s shooting at paper? How many reams does it take to stop that ridiculously giant and powerful bullet?

The boys at Demolition Ranch are at it again. They took to firing .50-cal rounds into stacks and stacks of paper to see exactly how far they could get through. This time they test how much paper it takes to stop a 50 caliber bullet at close range.

Surprisingly enough, two sets of five reams of paper that’s 5,000 sheets in total—weren’t enough to stop the a .50-cal in its tracks. Two separate bullets, one an armor-piercing tracer round, made it seven reams (3,500 sheets) in before escaping out the side, probably due to the way some of the reams reel back on impact. Through this video, we have got an idea about how much layers of paper can stop powerful bullets.

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