It is a great fun for the kids visiting the zoo. But the animals of the zoo sometimes don’t forget to make fun with some kids. At the time of visiting zoo, a little boy was curiously watching the lions at the zoo from another side of a glass. But one of the lions did not allow him to enter the lion’s territory.

The video was captured from the zoo in Calgary, Alberta in Canada, shows visitors gathering at the lion enclosure. The lion is the king of beast that always attract the visitors. Spectators take photos and gasp as the ferocious animal suddenly moves from the grassy area and closer to glass that separates them from the wild cat.

One of the little boys is standing at the front of the group but he was not ready for the disgusting moment. He was moving around to see what the commotion is about. Wearing a red cat and bright blue T-shirt, the youngster places his hand on the clear glass and snatches it away quickly as the lion approaches. But what the lion did, the boy was not ready for that. The crowd is heard laughing as the youngster opens his mouth in shock and runs around staring at the spectators in disbelief.

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