There are some crazy guys who set up a recliner on top of a car airbag in a field.  And he rigged the bag to go off while he was sitting there. The plan worked and he was catapulted a few feet into the air, before landing on his backside.  At least he was wearing a helmet.

Here in this video you can see a guy who put an airbag under his recliner chair and set it off, all in the name of science or beer. Probably beer, but also maybe science. One man counts and then press the switch of the airbag.

This is a really a serious scientific experiment, done by professionals that you should not try at home. Not sure what the conclusion is though! It’s the ole airbag under the chair trick. While hilarious in movies, not so funny in real life for the person doing it. Sadly, there are those people who have to learn the hard way. They can’t just trust that an airbag explosion under their seat is dangerous. They became successful in their funny experiment.

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