When you will hear about “dog people” or “cat people", you cannot but laugh. We have seen the muscle power of the WWE fighters. But this dogs are just inherently better.

Here in this video you can see the most funny moment of a toy poodle body slams a cat. The small dog picks up the black cat, close to its size, above its head before smashing it to the ground. The fluffy black cat scurries away from there after admitting defeat in the play-fight at their home. This two fighters is now living in their owner’s house in Nanjing City, China.

The camera footage shows the apricot poodle spins the cats body around its neck and drops it on the ground like a pro. The astonished cat is so surprised that it does not get any chance to land on its feet that is their superpower.

The cat does not stand there and quickly runs away from the dog which jumps up at cat when it tries to leave. The dog stares at the cat friend as the cat walks away. Actually the dog didn’t expect his leaving. Sporty energetic dogs including the poodle are keen to play fight even despite their sophisticated looks.

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